Sunday, November 13, 2005

Day 4 - The failure of a half boil

Friends - again and again this point has been repeated by many scholars. Still I repeat. Because, if I repeat I could be considered to be a scholar. I was frustrated after reading my previous blog. It was too stupid. Hence I came up with this blog, one hour after completing the previous one. This blog is dedicated to the people who fail in life, those who fail in exams, those who fail in interviews and those who fail in anything, including those who fail to fail(dedicated to everybody basically).

Victory and loss, success and failure, love and hate, omelette and half boil, egg white and egg yolk are all two sides of the same coin. As human beings, we all understand this. What we don’t understand is which coin it is and which side each of them are? The difference between victory and loss, between success and failure is the same as that between omelette and half boil and that between egg white and egg yolk. An omelette is made up of the same egg as a half boil. But it has additional ingredients like onion, tomato, is beaten up a lot before becoming an omelette and is fried a longer time than a half boil. Success is like that. Though two persons might have the same potential, only if you work hard, work for more time will you achieve success.

However, people who think success is achievement, god save you!! You are wrong!! Since we have considered success as an omelette and failure as a half boil, we can prove this. Look at the difficulties in making a half boil.

1. The stove has to be heated at the right temperature. Otherwise either the half boil is half baked or 1.5(over) baked.

2. While breaking the egg we have to make sure that the egg yolk remains intact. This need not be the taken care of for an omelette because the omelette is anyway going to be beaten up again.

3. The egg yolk in a half boil needs to be at the center. Precautions have to be taken so that it symmetric. Otherwise it does not look beautiful. Omelettes never look beautiful.

4. Necessary care should be taken to make sure that the egg yolk does not burst. If it does it becomes a new dish and it no longer qualifies to be a half boil.

5. Taking the half boil from the stove is the most difficult step of making a half boil. Even experienced hands tend to make mistakes in this stage. Transfer of half boil from the stove to the plate and then from the plate to the mouth are complex processes than many manufacturing processes.

Now, one clearly understands that it is difficult to make a half boil than an omelette. Hence it is hereby concluded that it is difficult to fail than succeed. So those who fail should be given more marks and grades than those who succeed. They should not stop on failures but work hard to fail more and more. They should believe that they can fail. Self belief is very important if one has to fail. People who fail should motivate other people to fail.

Leo da Mirci once in his inaugural address in the University of Mesopotamia in 1845 said ‘Sisters and brothers of Mesopotamia!! Life is a play. We are all players in it. We play music and at the same time we play football. Musicians play for films which are shown in a cinema theater and football players get injured and go to an operation theater. Life is therefore a game played between musicians and football players in theaters.’
I hope that the students of the University of Mesopotamia understood the meaning of these words, applied it in their lives and failed so that they could achieve something in life.

Day Three - Friendship, Infatuation and Love

‘Do not run behind any girl. You might overtake her. Then she will have to run behind you’

- Leo da Mirci in his book “Running, Jogging and Blogging”

If every person in this world understands this concept nobody will have a problem with girls/love. Here in my MBA School I come across a lot of couples, triples and polyples. It has actually made me think a lot about love, infatuation and friendship. What is the exact difference between all these?

When I was in my college I had been with one of my close friends who fell in love and couldn’t succeed in getting the girl to accept him. He couldn’t even succeed in love, for he fell in love with another girl in a year. So how much does love really mean to people in this world?

Love vs. Infatuation

Physical attraction is where ‘infatuation’ starts.

The way a person

  • Looks

  • Dresses

  • Speaks and

  • Behaves

gives us an impression of the person. If only the above factors and the impression thus created give rise to a feeling, I call it infatuation. Since infatuation is based on how a person is perceived and not on what really a person is, infatuation stays only as long as the above factors remain the same. Infatuation ends when

  • There is a change in the above factors

  • You lose touch with the above factors(basically the person)

  • You realize what a person really is and further realize that what is more important than how.

Some of the people in my B-school, I hear had a relationship before coming to campus and another here on campus. The relationship was disturbed/ got broken in a few months. The reason for the break and the new start, I believe is because they lost touch with the guy/girl. Infatuation needs constant reinforcement of the above factors to sustain. Even a small change creates a big difference.

Love, if true cannot be expressed and described. It needs nothing except one person to sustain.

Friendship vs. (True) Love

The most important difference between friendship and love is that ‘a person can have more than one friend but only one lover’. I am not joking. Only a few things fall under the ‘only’ category for a person. Mostly parents and sometimes siblings, school and job fall under this category. However one does not have a say in choosing most of these. The only ‘only’ thing whom you get to choose is your lover / life partner. The feeling of ‘He/She is my ………..’ is true for both friendship and love. But the feeling of ‘He/She is only mine’ is true only for love. Love gives you a special happiness of owning a person. The responsibility of owning a person and the happiness of somebody owning you is there only in love. True love never departs. It might be lingering around somewhere in some corner of your mind throughout your life.

Before writing this blog, I asked Leo da Mirci about what he fells about friends who fall in love (Piriyatha varam vendum style) and the only thing he told me was

‘If your love is reciprocated, he/she will be your best friend for life. If your love is not reciprocated you can/should never be friends again.’

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Day Two - Idli Sambhar

Understanding this blog might be a little difficult for ordinary human beings. If you reach the end of this blog pat yourself. You are a genius.

After a long time I played badminton yesterday. I played it for a long time yesterday. Not only because I had not played it for a long time, but because I wanted to play badminton for a long time since I stopped playing, but got a chance only yesterday.

My inspiration for crazy things was through of a friend of mine in college called Santosh. We started with things like 'An apple a day keeps a doctor away. But a doctor a day does not keep an apple away'. People thought we were crazy. But they later realized that they were wrong. After all this is what they called logical reasoning in CAT. I am not kidding. This really helped me a lot in CAT. One of the most crazy logical reasonings I have ever heard is from the movie 'Pammal K Sambandham' - "Kaathaadikku vaal irukkungurathukkaha kurangu parakkuma?" (Can a monkey fly just because a kite has a tail?). Incidentally 'Crazy' Mohan who came up with that was from my college, College of Engineering Guindy.

I wanted every blog of mine to have a theme. The theme for this blog is 'Idli Sambhar'. Let me start with Idli Sambhar and find where it goes. Idli and Sambhar form a very good combination. Idli is one of the favourite South Indian dishes. However China dishes are more popular in the world than South Indian dishes. Here we have to note the fact that China dishes could be made in places other than China whereas a Polar bear is found only in the poles. Since the earth has atleast two poles, the north and the south I hope that the earth is minimum bipolar. I used to call my aunts minimum, if she it is my mother's younger sister or maximum if she is my mother's elder sister. Actually one of my minimums(mother's sister) is a sister(nun) and hence I have decided to call her sister-square. The word square takes different meanings in different contexts. Take for example 'Anna Square'. It is called so in remembrance of only one 'Anna' but still it is called Anna square. The only reasoning I can think for the two Annas - One is the one who is dead and the other is the one who still lives in the hearts of some people. Marina beach is in Anna square. It is one of the longest beaches in the world. That is because many people in Tamilnadu long to see it and because of financial constraints they are not able to see it. I think any ordinary human being can relate to their emotions - 'Inability to see and Inability to see the sea'. 'All people are emotional. Some are more emotional than others'. Look at the beauty of the English language. When you replace(use Ctrl + H) emotional in the above reasoning with equal it becomes a famous quote. If you need some help with replacing things, or any other help for that matter just press the key F1. I am not talking about Formula 1, which is a key topic for the press. If there is one and only one formula (if you believe F1 is a fact) how will the whole world survive(especially Mathematics teachers)?. They would have no occupation at all. They will have to become entrepreneurs and finally end up working as cleaners or cooks in local restaurants(ada kaiyenthi bhavans) cleaning china dishes or making Idlis and Sambhar.

Well that is all about Idlis and Sambhar. I think by now you all have a fair idea of Idlis and Sambhars and so I take leave. After writing this blog I realize how true Leo da Mirci is when he says,

'Time never runs. People run. That is why no person in this world has time. So if you want to have time, don't run.'              

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Day One - Drops of Pain

Today is Monday. All Mondays are Mondays. I woke up at 7 a.m in the morning and had some idlis. After having idlis, I didnot know what to do and so went to sleep again. I thought I would get some rest by sleeping. When I woke up at 11:40 a.m I was surprised to find that I was more tired than I was at 7. Sometimes I make mistakes. The mistakes I make can be divided into two types, idiotic mistakes and intelligent mistakes. Today's mistake was of the former type.

I was trying to cry two days back but couldn't cry. I realised that I have changed a lot. Six, seven years back I used to cry for almost everything. I feel that I have forgotten the concept of 'feelings' in my mind now. Ellaam marathu pochu. Earlier when my friends have a problem and share it with me, I too feel for them. But now!! I am analysing it as if it is a 'case study' and trying to bring out points which could help them. Though it helps the person, still there is some part in my mind which says, "To hell with you… Your friends have a problem and you dont/ cant even feel for them".

I tried to bring up some of the 'only' things that made me cry..

1. Novel - 'The Bleachers' by John Grisham
2. Art - 'Eendra Pozhuthil' by one of my friends
3. Rejection - When 'Infosys' rejected me on campus
4. Eyes - My dad's when I saw his eyes moist the first and only time
5. Comedy - 'Friends'

Now, some of the things that made me cry the most...

1. Movies - Anbe Sivam, Manathil Uruthi Vendum, Unnal Mudiyum Thambi, Azhagi, Autograph, 7/G Rainbow Colony, Schindler's List and I am Sam. When I watched 'I am Sam' there was not even a single second when I did not cry. When I watched 'Autograph' I cried till I reached my house. The top spot would go to  '7/G rainbow Colony' since I cried all the six times I watched the movie.
2. The first year(home sickness) and the last 2 years(self sickness) at graduation.
3. 'Jai Jawan' on NDTV.
4. Songs - 'Tholvi Nilaiyana' from Oomai Vizhigal, 'Raasave', 'Vetti Veru' and 'Poongatru' from Mudhal Mariyadhai

May be I dont cry now because all my feelings are compressed and stored in one single feeling and one single person. Even now during SIP, I never felt rejection; only felt disappointment. May be because nothing else is rejection to me. May be because, nobody else can reject me. I am waiting for the day when I will be rejected/accepted.

As Leo da Mirci says..

'The peak of pain is to sit just beside the person you love and know the fact that the person can never be yours'

I dont think any person in the world understands this.                        

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Day Zero

This is my first blog. I recently read 2 postings on 2 different blogs. One was titled "Seven Elements" and the other was about a "Dream". Those two blogs inspired me to start my own blog. Just like those blogs, this blog is not going to be useful to anybody. I am going to make it as stupid as possible. But I will make sure that only the most intelligent understand the stupidity in it.

I have named it "crazemaze" because I am crazy. I could not find a rhyming word for 'crazy'. so i decided that 'craze' would convey almost the same meaning as 'crazy'. The first word I could think of that was rhyming with craze was "maze". This was not a well thought decision but I am happy about it. On hindsight I might feel that my decision was bad but I don't mind because I know that I don't have the foresight to think about hindsight. The crazy stuff starts from Day 1. Wait for it.

As the great scholar and the greatest person ever to have lived on earth, Leo da Mirci says

"Nothing is not just a word. It is a way of life. When life if full of love, nothing remains silent. When life is full of dreams, nothing flies. When life itself is nothing, nothing is still and nothing reamins still. What I mean to say is - Nothing is derived from two words no & thing".

Lets all accept the truth in the above words and worship Leo da Mirci.