Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Day 7 - The Real Bond

“A minute may be sixty seconds but sixty seconds is not minute. That is a Real-Time system in one sentence!!”

- Leo da Mirci in his book on “Programming Real-Time Operating Systems”

I had recently attended a quiz which had a question on James Bond movies. Since then I had been thinking of how a James Bond movie should be. This is how a good Bond movie should be… The first version of the script for the movie is here. Recommendations and feedback will be taken positively. So please give the recommendations you have and changes that you would like to make. The movie is named ‘The Real Bond’.

The Real Bond - the story of how James Bond joined TCS

James Bond was walking down the Bond Street in London. He was in a gloomy mood. On the way he saw a tea shop serving Indian made Brooke Bond Tea. Drinking the tea, he was thinking of his physical bond with Samantha Bond which had resulted in a big confusion inside his mind. He had decided to practice self bondage for the next few months. Also, he had to find a person who can sign a surety bond for the loan he got for his new house. But his immediate assignment was different. He had to release the bonded labourers from Gold Coast Australia. He went to Gold Coast Australia and his first mission was to interview the students of Bond University, Australia.

Bond got all the information he wanted. He even got some information on valence bond theory of chemical bonding which he did not want. After getting all the information from the University he realized that the villains were currently hiding in the Bond Place Hotel, Toronto. He took an immediate flight to Toronto. He went to his room, switched on the music player, heard a few songs of Bond, the Australian string quartet and slept off. The next day he woke up only to find that he was in jail. The Canadian police had arrested him thinking that he was a terrorist on a tip from the villains. He had to call one of his friends, who got him out on a bail bond of 5000 Canadian Dollars. Furious he took his gun, went to the Bond Place hotel, and after a few fight sequences arrested all the villains. The bonded labourers were released the next day in Australia.

Bond returned back to London to find that the fixed bond he had taken 10 years back had matured. This would mean that he would get the 200000 dollars he needed for his new house and he no longer needed a surety bond for his loan. Though happy, he found that something else, was bugging him. Yes, it was his emotional bond with Samantha Bond. To get out of his psychological bonding with Samantha Bond he decided to move to India, a very calm place and get a new job. He submitted his resignation letter the next day, neatly drafted in an Executive Bond paper. Finally he came down to India, and is now working for a software company. No wonder he working for TCS on a one year bond.

The film ends with James Bond saying the following quote of Leo da Mirci when he starts for work.

“Bonding is an art. Book binding is also an art. Bonds are bonds only till you bind by them. Books are bound only if you bind them. Human beings should be bonded well for better quality of life. So, to improve the quality of life all you need is two human beings, a knife, two pieces of cardboard, some cloth tape, a little bit of glue”

Post Script (literally and logically): All Bonds given in the script are real and do exist. Obviously, I googled to get them.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Day 6 - Leo da Mirci

And Void - were the last words of Leo da Mirci before he went into a coma on December 10, 2005. After repeated requests from a lot of people who did not know who Leo da Mirci was, I tried getting more information on Leo da Mirci. Surprisingly, yesterday I received a call from Sophie Burne from England asking me about Leo da Mirci. Considering the gravity of the situation and the importance some people give to Leo da Mirci, I am publishing the details.

Leo da Mirci (pronounced Leo daa Mirchi and sometimes Leo daa Mirsi)

Leo da Mirci is one of the finest thinkers of the world. He was born in a small town in India on April 25, 1785. He is multifaceted and holds degrees and diplomas in almost every form of arts and science.

Leo da Mirci's lectures and books are still used as study material by the top B-schools in the world and his thoughts on psychology have got him a lot of followers. He is supposedly the finest of thinkers that India has ever produced. Even today his quotes are widely used by the the true intellects of the world.


Leo da Mirci is supposed to have got his powers when he was 21 years old. He was able to recognise it only when he attended the National Youth Congress meeting during March 1812. Since then, he had no looking back. He has been invited by almost every top institute in the world to give an inaugural address.


Some of the most famous books by Leo da Mirci include

1. Running, Jogging and Blogging

2. Remain inside the marine (A book on anagrams).

3. Think! Even when you blink

4. Mind is the best garbage collector - (How to use Java's garbage collector for reading the brain - A book on the computer applications of medicine)

5. Made in Manapparai - a book on Murukku, a South Indian delicacy

6. Count your buttons before you dress

7. The Da Mirci Code - A detailed list of pincodes of Indian cities compiled by Leo da Mirci


Inspite of all this Leo da Mirci prefers a calm life in his birth town in India. He is modest and humble. People who know him love him a lot for his energetic and lively demeanor. The fact that he is still alive is by itself a miracle to a lot of people.

It was very difficult for me to hear that Leo da Mirci was admitted in Asclepius Hospitals, Cornigela for an unidentified disease in the hippocampus of the brain. It is ironical that the person who did a lot of research on hippocampus and its relation with Alzheimer’s disease, suffers from such a problem. He is in the state of Coma as the whole world is praying for him. Let us too pray for him for a minute.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Day 5 - Null and Void

‘In life there are a lot of things that you never forget. You are the only thing that I never want to forget.’  
- A dialogue from Leo da Mirci’s movie “Dreams always remain dreams’.

Whenever I talk, I want to talk about you.
Whenever I write, I want to write about you.
Whenever I go out with friends, I wish it were you and me alone.
Whenever I walk alone, I wish you were there to talk with me.
Whenever people congratulate me, I wish you were around giving me a smile.
Whenever I experience newness, I wish you were by my side.
Whenever I watch a movie, I wish I could talk to you about it.
Whenever I write something on my diary, I wish I could share it with you in the future.
Whenever I see a girl in a saree, I imagine how you would look in it.
Whenever a girl talks to me, I wish there was only one girl in the world and it was you.
Whenever I look at my photograph, I wish we both were there in it.
Whenever I think, I think of you.
Whatever I read, I get reminded of you.
Whenever I think of you, I am afraid of losing you.
Whenever I am alone, I wish 'I' were 'We'.
Whenever I cry, I wish I had your shoulder.
Whenever I go to class, I wish you were in my class.
Whenever I have chocolates, I remember that we have a lot in common.
Whenever I hear songs, I remember our favorite song.
Whenever I read poems, I remember that we love the same poets.
Whenever I hear somebody speak, I think of how well you can speak.
Whenever I see children, I imagine how you would look carrying a baby.
Wherever I see beauty, I wish you were there to make it more beautiful.
Wherever I see white, I imagine you in the white night dress, when you looked like an angel.

Quizzes, Competitions, English, Poems, Children, Chocolates, Crosswords, Sudoku, Medicine, Basketball, Presentations, Movies, Music, Colours, Flowers - everything remind me of you.

Whenever it is, wherever I am, whatever I do, you are always there with me, in my thoughts. Never go away from me. Even if you think of it, I'll die. Even when I die, I want you to be near me, by my side. With me, always.

I wrote this a long time back... I thought I would share this with her and only with her.
Now, that I lost the only thing that I ever wanted to have in my life... it is here... in this blog having no meaning; null and void.