Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Day 20+20: The genius who knew it 10 years back!

"Less interesting stuff like test matches - they only create very interesting stuff like T20. If you want to see interesting things in your life, you will have to also have to see all the less interesting stuff. That is why I saw this stupid movie" – Leo da Mirci after watching the movie “Aag”.

Day 40 is on Day 20-20(the day we won it)

He knew it!!! Long before we all knew it – he knew it in his mind: “India would win the 20-20”. Of course he is a genius. No doubt about it.

I was waiting on the edge of my seat when the ball went in the air. Oh god!!! It is going to be a boundary. India is going to lose. Not only India is going to lose, but this guy, the guy I adore a lot; his words are going to be almost falsified - there might not be a better chance to prove his words; there might not be a better chance to prove that he predicts things long before its time.

But here!!! We are losing. No…Wait… What is happening!!! It took only 2 seconds for me to get my blood pressure to normal. Sreeshant caught it. We have done it!!! And what this guy said around 10 years ago has become true!! This puts him in the same league as Nostradamus - this guy told us that this would happen long before.

I came to know that he had predicted this only after I joined my engineering college. He was a Professor in my college - they said. Even then, I had seen him very close to me only once. My friends told me that he was a leader and stuff like that. After he spoke to me (us) for the first time, even I believed so – he was a great leader. He said the same words in his speech to us!!! Only, we did not realize that this is what he meant!!

I was almost 10 years now, in 1998 I think… he had predicted this. In 1998,
who knew that there was a similar format of cricket happening somewhere in the world??
who knew that this format would be given international status??
who knew that there would be a world cup in this format??

This guy did… That is why he is a genius. That is why he is a great leader. A visionary they say!!

I have not read his book till now. I am waiting to read it. All I know is that; all I have heard is that; all my friends have today me is that this guy said that “India would become a Superpower in 20-20”!!! Hail Dr. Abdul Kalam. His vision 20-20 has fructified even before its time.