Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Day 31 - Friends are not forever...

Writing this blog made me realize how much I miss my friends; I mean those really close ones!!!

We all have friends…. At all levels, kinder garden, middle school, high school, graduation, post graduation and so on….But why do you still want to go back home and have a look at the small playground where you played cricket?

At 25, at post graduation level – you have friends who are close but they are still far… Here there are very few people who are so close to you, very few people whom you can trust and very few people you prefer to be with. You smile at everybody, laugh with everyone, seem to have a good time with everyone but still there is always this nagging feeling that if you were given a choice you would have chosen someone else. The competition is tough(not so tough though) that there is every possibility that everyone’s true self will be revealed some time or the other. And it hurts when it is revealed. You do not want it to be… There are always some truths that better remain hidden… But you still cannot avoid knowing that your friend thinks that you are competition and that there is the other friend who speaks behind your back. You stop speaking out your heart for the sake of being diplomatic. You put a mask to your face and smile at them everyday, justifying it by saying that life at the corporate level is going to be the same… A line is drawn with friends, even with close friends… It says what questions can be asked, how one should behave and the rules involved in the friendship. It becomes a kind of a contract, a contract which gives benefits to both the parties…

But, but only a few years ago it was so nice…..

Just think of those days, when you just thrashed out the guy who made fun of you and the friend who supported you immediately without even thinking for a moment. There were no stakes involved and there was nothing to lose. You could just tell anybody on their face that he was committing a mistake. You were allowed to hate people and announce it to everybody. You always had the feeling that there were friends with you and they are going to be with you till the end of life. Think of the number of times you told your heart, “Why are my parents controlling me.. One day I will stay with my friends”. You planned to open a shop together and live happily… There were people who were actually close to you… You can still remember those places you had gone together, the girls you followed daily, the bus which took you back to school, the first day film shows and parotta stalls where you never went Dutch…The kuttichuvar which was yours, the place where you go back and sit atleast once and watch the small boys playing during your holidays… Remember you were all divided into teams, played cricket among yourselves daily and then suddenly one day you realized the bonding among yourselves when you played together against another team…There are these people whom you actually care for…Those people whom you first call when you are trying not to cry… call them up and start crying but still do not feel ashamed about…Those people whose voice would bring you instant energy… Those people whose “sorry “ really meant something…The only ones whom you called up the day your itinerary back home is decided and said, “Makka I am coming home in December..Come da”. Those people who are the first ones you call when you go home for your holidays and say “Makka, let us go somewhere da. Oor suthi evlo naalachu”. Those people with whom you can share the darkest secrets…Those people who were with you when money was not a factor… Those friends whose salaries never made you jealous…Those whom you are reminded of when you watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Those people who were really close… Missing them all…

Those times with those friends were all happy moments. All this happiness was in school and college when I did not earn anything , when I did not have money…Now I don’t have that happiness. I do not feel that real sense of happiness even though people think that I am…Is it all because I started earning money? Is it because I have money? No, that is just an excuse. It is not because I have money. It is because I think that it is important for life.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Day 30 - Never do it. It hurts...

I was trying to cry. I could not. Finally I started writing this and cried…

Nov 18 2006

“Some say that one should be a coward do it, some say that one should be brave to do it. But all I know and all that matters is that it is pain for everyone” - Leo da Mirci

If only I had known it earlier.....

I would have written a testimonial for you in orkut
I would have talked to you about the first train journey we had together and how much I enjoyed it
I would have told you that we friends often laugh repeating the comments you made during the journey
I would have told you that I laugh out loud reading your replies in the newsgroups
I would have told you that after reading your mudslinging format, I kept on telling friends that "He is a genius da... sema nakkal paaru"
I would have told you that your roomie often boasts that you are very sharp in understanding things
I would have told you that I loved the way you imitate our Finance Professor
I would have told you that you are one the very few persons whom I do not mind making fun of me
I would have told you that our first(and last) dinner with friends together was one of the happiest ones I had in life
I would have told you that your smile on the orkut profile photograph actually is so cute and childlike
I would have told you that I was in front of you when that photograph was clicked
I would have made fun of you saying that you forget more steps that you remember while dancing
I would have told you that I did not move much around with you but you were close to me
I would have spent the entire day with you
I know you would have made fun of me but still I would have told you how much I loved you
I would have told you that everybody on campus loved you
I would have told you that there are so many people who would be happy to be with you
I would have told you that it would be more pain for us than for you
If I had know it earlier I would have, would have... somehow stopped you...

You stupid, didnt you know that there are hundreds of people like me... who would have done all could have told at least told one of them !!!
Goodbye da...

(For a friend who recently took a decision to end his life...)
Never do it anybody...It hurts...

Having been so close to what he did, I could not stop writing this....

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Day 30 - Da Mirci Code II

“Part II of Da Mirci Code has no similarities with the Da Vinci code. Though the build up was too much, half way through creating the plot(??) I realized that Jyotika did not die in the climax and lost interest in continuing. I took more time thinking about this one than any of my other ones and hence it seems to be the worst one ever written by me. So here is just the gist of what I thought could have been the link between Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu and Kaaka Kaaka. Sorry to say that towards the end even I could not understand what the link was. It got too boring. Let me know if you really find any link.

- Leo da Mirci’s comments on Da Mirci Code Part II

Da Mirci Code Part II by Leo da Mirci

I have the feeling that Kaaka Kaaka is the next generation story of Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu. Back home, they call this feeling the Da Mirci instinct.

The following proof which has no evidence proves that Kaaka Kaaka is just the second generation’s story of Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu protagonists.

What could have happened

In Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu, Ilamaran and Amuthan are very close friends. Amuthan has two male children who grow in Keeranur. Ilamaran also has two children, a male and a female who grow near a village in Chennai.

The Amuthan and Ilamaran family:

Amuthan names his first boy Ilamaran out of love for Ilamaran (this boy is the Ilamaran in Kaaka Kaaka).

Ilamaran names his girl child Swati because of love for Amuthan (don’t ask me why). She is Swati - Devadharshini in Kaaka kaaka.

Amuthan names his second boy Srikkanth as he is a fan of Kris Srikkanth. (This boy is the Srikkanth, husband of Swati in KK - See the face similarity)

Since they are short of names by now, they decide to call Ilamaran’s boy child Paandya (Proof: See the voice similarity between Ilamaran of VV and Paandya)

Amuthan and Ilamaran adopt a child and name him Sethu so that he can become Paandya’s brother in Kaaka Kaaka.

They both make a pact that Srikanth will marry Swati. They write everything in a diary so that it can be used as a truth revealing instrument in the future.

The Raaghavan story:

Raaghavan sees Aradhana dead(Aradhana actually dies in the climax – their marriage clip was a graphics clip shown just so that the film does not flop). But he still remembers the promise he gave to Aradhana – “Ippola irunthu Neeyum Maayavum en sothu”. So he adopts Maya and brings her up. This Maya is the Maya you see in Kaaka Kaaka. (Proof: Can’t you see the face similarity between Aradhana and Maya!!!)

Raghavan marries again and gives birth to Anbuchelvan. (Anbuchelvan is 6 years younger than Maya and biologically they are not brother and sister and hence they can fall in love in Kaaka Kaaka – There is also one scene in Kaaka Kaaka where Anbuchelvan tells Maya “Enakkum unakkum oru 6 varusham vithiyaasam vera irukku”)

Raaghavan after killing both Amuthan and Ilamaran in VV comes to know about their children. By the time he reaches them, Paandya kills somebody and goes to Mumbai and Sethu had already become a rowdy. He brings the other children, Ilamaran, Swati and Srikanth and gives them to an orphanage and takes care of their expenses. He asks the orphanage owner to bring them up as police officers.

Suddenly one day, Raaghavan dies of lung cancer (Reason: After dying of blood cancer in Nammavar and Vaazhve maayam Kamal decides that he should die of something else). Suddenly the next day, Raghavan’s wife dies of brain cancer(i am running out of cancer types here). Maya is adopted by another family which owns a house inside a lake in Pondicherry. Anbuchelvan grows alone in his house (the house where he never opens the curtains).

The twist - Father’s diary:

Anbuchelvan reads his father’s diary and finds out that Ilamaran and Srikanth are growing in an orphanage. He calls them and asks them to join the police force. They form a team (naanga oru team!!!) and Arul joins this team (Arul is the son of Arun who marries Sandhya after divorcing Aradhana in VV). Also Raaghavan says in his diary that he should marry Maya to fulfill his wish (he couldn’t marry Aradhana and so his son marries Aradhana’s daughter - Balachander type father).

Srikanth reads his father’s(Amuthan’s) diary and finds out that it is his father’s wish to marry Swati. So he marries Swati. After some time he says “Swatiyaa thookitaanga Anbu”

Pandyaa reads his father’s diary and finds out that Raaghavan killed his father. He comes in search of Raaghavan and he finds only Anbuchelvan and no Raaghavan. He meets Sethunnaa. Soon Anbuchelvan kills Sethunnaa. Pandyaa decides to take vengeance on Anbuchelvan and kills Ilamaran, Swati, Srikanth & Maya (in that order). Towards the end, Anbuchelvan kills Pandyaa and Sathyaraj starts speaking…

Some secrets about Vilai Uyir endraalum – Gautam’s next movie…

Anbuchelvan’s daughter with Maya (secret daughter they had before marriage) is the Jyotika in Vilai Uyir Endraalum.
Swati and Srikanth’s son is the hero, Sarathkumar.
Pandyaa’s son is the villain. Sethunnaa son is the assistant villain.
Anbuchelvan dies of bone cancer. Sarathkumar reads Anbuchelvan’s diary and finds out that he has to marry Jyotika…. Paaandya’s son reads Paandya’s diary and the story continues…There is no end.

I am sorry if Leo da Mirci had bored you too much. Even I was.