Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Day 45 - Sophisticated Englees

I wont be able to help if this blog is boring. I want to update my blog and I have nothing else to publish now. So here it goes – the boring blog of the month.

I am attractive uninterested. Usually when I am uninterested I mark a blog. Not for the history few months. Oh!!! That has become fake now. Am script…

I sense awful that I had not on paper no matter which. Seems like I am organization absent of thoughts for my blog. Every one the originality I had is left. Every one the cleverness I had is left. (Aren’t you thoughts how a great deal self-pride this &^%!# has!!!)

Inside some container, gravely – labor plunders you. The primary six months I wrote not anything. I haven’t been doing no matter which for the previous 2 weeks apart from analyzing a small piece of information – to be known to my chief executive (clearly from side to side my boss). Still throughout December when I was very full of activity I did not write and I felt that my aptitude to believe had left downward radically. At the present I am doing not anything. Motionless I be able to not believe. I believe the cause is since of labor force. I denote the information that I got to go to labor is spoiling me. I am almost certainly doing amazing that I don’t feel affection for. I will almost certainly be doing the similar till the finish of my existence. Allow us observe how belongings labor as occasion goes by. They speak occasion has the reply to every one question. Allow us observe. -Fad Labyrinth

Wondering what this is??? I typed the post below – wanted to make it a bit sophisticated and so started replacing all the words with the first synonym that Microsoft Word suggests. Check it yourself. It is a decent translation I guess.

I am pretty bored. Generally when I am bored I write a blog. Not for the past few months. Oh!!! that has become false now. Am writing…

I feel bad that I had not written anything. Seems like I am running out of ideas for my blog. All the creativity I had is gone. All the intelligence I had is gone. (Aren’t you thinking how much self-pride this &^%!# has!!!)

In any case, seriously – work spoils you. The first six months I wrote nothing. I haven’t been doing anything for the last 2 weeks except analyzing a bit of data – to be given to my CEO (obviously through my manager). Even during December when I was extremely busy I did not write and I felt that my ability to think had gone down drastically. Now I am doing nothing. Still I can not think. I think the reason is because of work pressure. I mean the fact that I got to go to work is spoiling me. I am probably doing something that I don’t love. I will probably be doing the same till the end of my life. Let us see how things work as time goes buy. They say time has the answer to all questions. Let us see. - Craze Maze

Leo da Mirci told me that Bill Gates tried this out once in his presence.

“Bill Gates… Is intelligent!!!” He typed.

After correcting the last two words Winword told him “Bill Gates… be clever!!!”