Thursday, March 16, 2006

Day 17 - Left right in the center

Almost everyone is writing a blog on Ganguly nowadays. Being a staunch supporter of Ganguly right from the beginning, I thought it was right and I had the right to write about Ganguly.

Right, lets start. Ganguly is a left batsman and a right bowler. But, a right bowler only on the right pitches. And never the right fielder. Ganguly drives left but writes right. Just because he writes right can he be considered right? Just because he drives left, can he be left out (of the team)? Was Wright right in thinking that Ganguly was the right man for the job? Wasn’t Wright himself left? Did Chappell have the right to write to the board about Ganguly? Did Chappell go beyond his rights to have Ganguly left out? Dravid, once Ganguly’s right hand and a right hander himself - why didn’t he write to the board in support of Ganguly? Why is the left supporting Ganguly? Is it because he bats left? Or is it because they are left with no other issues to fight with the center?

No one knows the right answers for these questions. Nobody has the right to ask the BCCI. All these questions will be left hanging in the air forever. Leo da Mirci proposed a solution to all these questions in these simple words

“When Wright was the coach, Ganguly was the captain and Ganguly was mostly right. Soon Ganguly was left out and Wright left the team. Now, Chappell is the coach and Dravid is the captain but Dravid can never be Chappell. So Dravid won’t be left out and so Chappell shouldn’t leave the team”. Leo da Mirci is right, right?

One thing I can understand from this solution is “Chappals shouldn’t be left out (of chapels or temples). They will be stolen by Ganguly (both the right and left ones).”

Right. I hear you saying “Stop writing and leave us right now”. I will. Before that answer this simple question that Ganguly asked recently when a reporter asked him about his batting…

“If I say I am left, am I right?”

It is difficult to answer even such simple questions. That is life!!!

Day 16 - Surprised!!!

Never ever in my life has a month’s time been as interesting and eventful as this. Staring from February 16th till today, it was a once in a life time experience, filled with surprises and happiness. Filled with surprises that ended in happiness.

My blog being quoted in a few sites, few of my friends(ok, only two) sending mails saying “I got your blog as a forward da!!!”, reading the last chapter of Ponniyin Selvan (literally full of surprises), reading Parthiban Kanavu and finding out how similar it is to my life, Leo da Mirci recovering from Coma, the new experience of being glued to my mobile phone for an hour without knowing what to speak and the coincidences (???) that occur in the process are quite a few to say.

A small account on each of these surprises.

Blog - I missed writing for a month.
Ponniyin Selvan - Don’t miss it.
Parthiban Kanavu - How did I miss the similarity!!!
Leo da Mirci - I missed him for two months.
Mobile phone - I had to pretend that I missed it for a few days. Now… I never miss a call, especially the missed calls.
Coincidences - Enough of them to make me say “I too miss you”.

I won’t have another month like this in life. Most of the days had events I will never forget. Actually, almost everyone.