Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 47 - Run, rabbit run!!!

In history you can see that some poets were not appreciated in their present but in the future. You have created history!!! Future history would tell that you were neither appreciated in your present nor in your future but only if there were a past!!!

Leo da Mirci after reading Run, rabbit run!!! - my first attempt in English poetry.

Run, rabbit run!!!
The world is now asleep - this is the time to run!!
Run, rabbit run!!!

Simple is complex; Eyes are always shut
Movie in the clouds; Stars are in the sky
Let the end be dead; On the muddy bed
You Run, rabbit run!!!

Four is only four - Five is always better
Time is in the soul - Experiences bitter
Listen to the heart - no better art
And you Run, rabbit run!!!

Pie is what you want; not an end to it
Chuckle in the dark; leave behind a mark
Funny is thy name; Life is all a game
You Run, rabbit run.

Thanks Satin Gates for inspiring me with the title!!


Day Dreamer said...

ennada idu??

Craze Maze said...

deep meaning irukkuda athula. nalla naalanju thadavai padichu paaru. puriyum. illa puriyalannaa sollu. enakku santhosham thaan. yaarukkum puriyaama ezhuthinaa thaanae periya kavignan.

Anonymous said...

idhellam oru pozhappa???

Guhan said...

nethi adi.


Priya said...

y aint u bloggin anymore!

பரத் said...

//y aint u bloggin anymore!//
athe question thaan!!

Andrew.... said...

waiting for your new blogs

Bun.. said...

dei .. blog pannuda...

Suneel said...

Hey, what happened to you? I am not sure what happened to you that you decided not do this anymore. I hope all is well. Time for me to share what I felt reading this blog and why I keep coming back even years after reading this blog to see if there are any updates. This blog is refreshingly original and brilliantly written. I must admit that I do not understand Tamil to fully understand some of the blogs. But I enjoyed the rest immensely. I hope you are still writing (not code, may be a book or something?). I wish you all the best in your life and in your writing. In case your are not writing anything, boy, what waste of talent!